Are You Ready For a Football Playoffs #Giveaway?

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football playoffs giveaway

Are you ready for the football playoffs? Well you will be after this giveaway!

Welcome to The Football Playoffs Giveaway

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Basement Dad Sports – Create Your Own My Wingman

The Northwest Company

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Christmas Bells Ring for Butter Bell, #Win a Crock in this Great #Giveaway!

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*I have not been compensated for this post. I am sharing this with you as my way of bringing you the best giveaways I can!
I couldn’t wait to try the The Original Butter Bell® Crock.  I absolutely love spreadable butter.  I remember when I was a kid my mom would have a butter dish but that isn’t the healthiest way.

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Stuff Those Stockings #HGG, Trident Unwrapped Gum #Giveaway

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Trident announce 2

Yum I like to chew gum! What about you? Do you want some? Trident has introduced a new gum that is just perfect for a stocking stuffer?  New, Trident Unwrapped is naked pieces of your favorite gum, available in 4 great flavors!

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Trinity 3-in-1 Suitcase Tool Box #Giveaway


Welcome to our Trinity 3-in-1 Suitcase Tool Box Sweepstakes~

trinity tool box

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 Trinity International has the storage solution to fit your every need and every way you want to use it. They offer items for and around your home- kitchen, basement, bathroom, closets, cabinets and even the garage. They also offer EcoStorage items that are environmentally friendly which is good for the Earth. Shipping is also free on all of their items that you purchase.Their goal is to excite and support their customers. You can read Tammie’s review of this product by going here to read it.

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Just for Chocoholics & Sports Fanatics, #Win 1 lb. Chocolate Stadium

Sports Chocolate Stadium

Welcome to our #HGG 1 lb Chocolate Stadium Sweepstakes~



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I Want a Build-a-Bear for Christmas, Only a Build-a-Bear Will Do! #Giveaway GC

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(Heading sung to the tune of I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas!)

Build-A-Bear $30 Gift Card Giveaway

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TheO Smart Ball #HolidayGiftGuide100Bloggers


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You have to give TheO SmartBall  a try, its made for kids pre-school to 5th grade – a parent’s dream! Talk about making learning fun. Our kids had a blast with it playing with it. They say that active kids learn more and retain more of what they learn when having fun. So why not use a toy that kids play with and learn at the same time. I am all for that ! Its a soft foam ball that you use your smart device with. 

Simply download one of the “kids learning apps” to your smart device, insert your device into The SmartBall, and then toss, roll or shake the ball with your kids to make learning a blast of fun With great interactive games like Math Flash, Active 123 and Hot Potato, TheO™ SmartBall takes advantage of advanced smart device features such as motion and acceleration sensing along with music, sound effects and voice to provide an unparalleled educational experience.

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Have a Sweet Holiday With The Aroma 4 Quart Ice Cream Maker #Giveaway!

Aroma ice cream maker FI

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide Aroma 4 Quart Ice Cream Maker Sweepstakes~


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Aroma makes a wide array of products to make your life simpler and easier. You can read Tammie’s review of the Ice Cream Maker by going Here to read it. Making homemade ice cream I always thought was a difficult process when in fact it could not be easier. It comes with step by step instructions on making ice cream in a variety of flavors. The ice cream can be made by using the hand crank or electricity which will make this process very easy.

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Perfect Wine Lover Gift “ Zazzol Wine Aerator – 20% OFF NOW #HolidayGiftGuide100Bloggers

The Zazzol Wine Aerator – The Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers!

Our 100+ Bloggers Holiday Gift Guide 2014 would like to introduce to you the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list.

Zazzol wine
The Zazzol Wine Aerator is one of the most advanced aerating systems that makes bad wines taste good and good wines taste great.  Rated as the number 1 wine aerator on, this highly popular product is used throughout restaurants and homes across the United States. The first choice of professional sommeliers, this wine aerator is one of the easiest to use and delivers outstanding results.
 A globally patented 3 stage design, this product can fully aerate a bottle of wine in a matter of seconds. This allows wine to be expressive, releasing complex flavours and aromas. Wines with a strong tannin content or overbearing flavour will be softened and more palatable.  Perfect for red and white wines, the aerator features an easy pour, no-spill design.  It’s also stylish and sophisticated, making it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

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Mom’s Be Cool With the Beatrix Girls & Enter to #Win Holiday Prize Pack!

Beatrix FI



Beatrix Girls Holiday Prize Pack Giveaway

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