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An active member on forum boards with other WAHMs and has many published articles available. Joan has also worked in network marketing and as Social Media Manager for several businesses including Elaine’s Toffee Company and before them, Headgasm.
Target Market:
Military Moms
Working women
Health Conscience
Those living with chronic illnesses
Sports Lovers
Family Friendly Games
Travel junkies Homes with Adult Children
Weight Loss
Beauty & Fashion
Crafting and DIY



Skin Cancer Products

Household Items

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I am a former nurse who had spent close to 15 years as The Director of Sales and Marketing, as VP of Operations and as a Team Leader for a Direct Sales company. I have spent over 6 years learning network marketing and excelling with my blogs. I love reaching out to others and seeing someone’s business grow knowing I was a part of it!

I understand how to promote and market your products. These promotions are done best through my blog via a review and giveaway. Submit your product for an honest review, I will blog about it and run a promotion to give away a sample of your product on the site.
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PR Friendly

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