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Tis the season to be safe, Fa la la la la…… It always seems that around the Holidays we are hearing more and more on the news about people getting robbed in the parking lots of local malls and shopping centers, outside their homes, and even near restaurants.  These times we live in can be frightening, especially for a women.  I for one am not real comfortable with the thought of carrying a gun as they frighten me.  With a Mace Brand Pepper Spray I know that I can at least ward off most attackers long enough to run towards safety or for help!

So, what exactly is Mace Brand spray?  Mace Brand is the original defense spray and the form for consumers contains what is called OC, “Oleoresin Capsicum”, made from Cayenne Pepper.

“Pepper Spray is a derivative of Cayenne pepper. The oils are extracted from the pepper using a high-pressure process. This process leaves you with the active ingredient in pepper spray known as OC or OleoResin Capsicum. The pure pepper extract is then diluted with an inert ingredient that reduces the SHU or Scoville Heat Unit to get it down to a useable SHU for pepper spray.”  * taken from:

The inert ingredient in Mace Brand Spray is triple filtered watered and Mace Brand is made from all natural products.  How does Mace Brand spray work?  Mace Brand comes in pressurizes cartridges that fit into some sort of hand held device where it is delivered by spraying the OC into someone’s face, or at least in their direction and in the air.  The Mace Brand spray will cause severe eye burning and irritation to the point of incapacitating most people.  Thus, giving you time to get help, get away, hide, whatever need be.


Since my husband is now in a nursing home, and my 24 year old daughter travels well over an hour each way to work daily, I feel more secure knowing we have some line of defense available with Mace Brand Pepper Spray.  I truly think Mace Brand Spray would make a great EARLY holiday gift for all those in your family that will be out and about shopping this season, especially on their own.


I think before you or your loved one should ever try using any kind of safety device an another, you must be prepared and know how to use it.  Perhaps on Thanksgiving, before heading out to Black Friday you can have some family fun with the blue colored trainer pictured above. Practice with it (only water) in the yard. Sneak up on each other. Get a good feel for what it is like.  Being prepared is important.  Once you are comfortable with this you can feel more confident when out and about.  Perhaps you can wrap these in Fall colors and give them out as early gifts this Thanksgiving.  I think I must just do this.


There is nothing more crucial than your personal safety and knowing how to defend yourself, especially for women during the Holidays.  Here are a few more tips for you:

Never go out alone. The more the merrier and safer I always say. Yes, there is safety in numbers.  This also means stay in busy, crowded areas. Also stay in well lit areas, especially in the parking lots.

Remember to always lock all your car doors and close all windows, not just when parking but also when driving.  An unlocked door is an invitation to a carjacking at an intersection.  Do not leave valuables in your car, especially where they can be seen. Lock all packages in your trunk!  Remember to walk around your car and check it and look in the back seat before getting in. Don’t leave keys in the car or doors unlocked when pumping gas as well!  I know this all sounds frightening but this is the life we live in!

There are so many more tips for personal safety during the Holidays and most of your local police departments will share them with you.  An easy search online will also lead you to loads of tips.

Remember, I want you here to read my blog and to win my giveaways. You are all my Family and I want you to be safe this Holiday season!

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I totally agree with this. A the mother of a college student (daughter) you can never teach them to be too careful. My daughter always has Mace with her.