Darcus Tori Simulated Diamond Earrings are Beautiful!

Heart Earrings

I am not being compensated in any way for this post. I purchased these earrings on my own and am sharing my thoughts with my awesome followers. Disclosed per FTC Guidelines!

DT Heart earrings VD


I just love my heart earrings I bought from Darcus Tori.  They are really lovely.  I was a bit hesitant when I ordered these but my friend Heather from Here We Go Again, Ready told me she had these and they were really nice.

I took some photos of me wearing these earrings to help give you an idea of the size of them. They are actually a decent size!

DT earrings collage

These earrings are made from simulated diamonds and are high quality. They are great for both a casual and a more formal look and are sure to get a lot of use!  I also got these in pink for myself and they do look like pink diamonds.  I must add the posts/earrings are made from sterling silver as well and not cheap brass or overlays.

I just wanted to share my new find with you all and thank you for reading my short review.


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They are a perfect gift for my teen granddaughter if her mom would let her pierce her eary

They are a perfect gift for my teen granddaughter if her mom would let her pierce her ears

Sweet; if only I had a grandaughter! I do have 2 precious grandsons I wouldn’t take anything for but still wanting a grandaughter! Thank you

These are absolutely beautiful, I will definitely be telling my husband about these!

Beautiful earrings. I appreciate that they are simulated diamonds and not real ones. There is too much conflict over real diamonds. These have the same look, but I would be guilt free.

These Earrings are very beautiful…I love them! They look like the real thing, and that’s all that matters!

Those Darcu-Tori earrings are spectacular. I love the idea of the heart shape. It is good that they have silver posts also. Very nice. Thanks for the review.

They look quite pretty. I love anything in hearts when it comes to jewelry. Thank you for your reviews and giveaways!