Moffett Watch – Scented Watch Starter Pack Giveaway! Sweet

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Moffett Giveaway

Welcome to the Moffett Watch Giveaway!

Hosted By: Sweet Southern Lovin

Co Hosted By: Life of a Southern Mom & The Binder Ladies

Sponsored by: Moffett

Meet Moffett the skunk. When he was a baby and living deep down in the forest he learned he wasn’t like other skunks. That he smelled a lot better. He noticed if he thought about, say, apples one day then he would smell like apples. Everyone was starting to get so amazed by his unique power. Today, Moffett shares his magical power in the form of scented watches. At Moffett you will find scented watches with interchangeable pieces to create very unique smells and combinations. Visit here and check out Sweet Southern Lovin’s full review.

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SuperEats Chips, Healthy Snacking Giveaway!

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SuperEats Kale & Chia Chips Giveaway!

Win an assortment of Kale & Chia Chips from SuperEats!

Hosted by: Savory Savings & Gloriously Green Gal


Looking for a healthy way to get your salty snack in each day?  Why not try SuperEats Kale & Chia Chips?  These crunchy and flavorful chips are loaded with Vitamins A and C among other wonderful antioxidants and nutrients!  Krista over at Savory Savings recently had a chance to review the fun flavors and shared her thoughts in this SuperEats review!

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Dexas Means Kitchen Gadgets! Enter Here To Win Giveaway

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Hosted by: Elitemama

Sponsored by: Dexas

Dexas is the leading designer and manufacturer of cutting boards, kitchen tools and gadgets and silicone heat-resistant items in the U.S. 80% of the cutting boards they produce and 100% of their office supplies are made right here at home. They are committed and proud to be “Made in the USA”. Dexas provides innovative kitchenware in today’s trending colors to the worlds leading retailers. Their products are designed to stimulate the home chefs culinary creativity. Check out Elitemama’s review here.

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Making Milestones Sparkling Giveaway! Win Purse, Lots Jewelry & More

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Beaded Sequin Tote filled w/ Jewelry Making Package*
Pacifier Clip, Baby Bracelet, and Mommy Bracelet Set
5 Pairs of Sterling Silver and Crystal Ear Studs
 Total Package ARV: $220
Hosted by:
Moms and Craftersand 

Make Our Own Network
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Petbrosia Cat and Dog Food, A Heavenly Food Choice! Giveaway

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Petbrosia Cat Food Review & Giveaway
Hosted by Here We Go Again…Ready?
Sponsored by Petbrosia
 photo photo5_zps09e7a248.jpg
Heather from Here We Go Again, Ready was given the opportunity to review Petbrosia cat food.  Her cat  Chase was very excited to be included in this review.  He is almost 2 years old and has been known to be picky at times when it comes to his meals.  He has been on Purina One ever since adopted. He was in the kitchen before investigating before she even got the box open.  He had it completely gone in about half the time that it takes him on his normal food.
To read Heather and Chase’s review please go here! Petbrosia

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indigo Smokehouse Strips For Your Best Friend – Dog Treat Giveaway

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indigo Smokehouse Strips Review and Giveaway

Host: Here We Go Again Ready

Sponsor: PetSafe
 photo photo16_zps3daacc9e.jpg
am sharing Heather’s review about indigo dog treats for all of you to have a chance to win.  I believe in spoiling my dogs as they are my children and nutritious treats are a part of that! 
I know Heather’s poodle Snoopy was excited when it was her turn to review a product.  Check out Heather and Snoopy’s review  here!

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Azure Naturals Ultimate Vitamin C Skin Repair Serum Giveaway



 Ultimate Vitamin C Skin Repair Review + Giveaway
Host: Here We Go Again…Ready?
Sponsor: Azure Naturals


 photo photo29_zps8c39f4df.jpg

Heather from Here We Go Again, Ready loves reviewing products that help her skin and I know she was really looking forward to trying Azure Naturals Ultimate Vitamin C Skin Repair.  Our skin goes through so much throughout the day we need to do whatever we can to help it out.

 photo photo18_zps322a442c.jpg

See Heather’s full review here:  Azure Naturals Review

I have known Heather for years and totally respect her opinions and know if she likes a product, it must be good!

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Cool Gel N Cap Giveaway!

Gel N Cap Toby

Cool N Gel

“Cool Gel N Cap” Giveaway


Hosted by Coupon Crazy Mommy

Sponsored by Cool Gel N Cap

Cool Gel N Cap’s durable and reusable gel packs provide cold AND warm relief for your child’s boo boo’s. Soothe those everyday lumps, bumps, bruises, fevers, earaches, and headaches in a fun, easy, and effective way! Perfect for ages 1 – 6!

See the complete Cool Gel N Cap review here.

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Lots of Firetrucks Dvd, Book, CD Set Giveaway!

Firetrucks FI

“Lots and Lots of Firetrucks”

DVD’s, Book, and Audio CD Giveaway

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Sponsored by Marshall Publishing

Hosted by Coupon Crazy Mommy

 If you love firetrucks, get ready for the most exciting collection of non-stop firetruck and firefighting action you’ll ever see! This collection of DVD’s has everything-firetrucks, live action, and real life ride-alongs!

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